Wood Pulp Machine

Wood paper pulp machine for making a4 paper and tissue paper .


Bleached wood paper pulp machine for making a4 paper and tissue paper .


100% Chemical Bleached Wood Pulp Machine For Making A4 paper and Tissue Paper.

Production process: Raw material slicing→prepreg→pressing→transporting→steaming balls→balling slurry tank→pumping→pulper→consistency mill tank pumping→volt pulping machine→pulp tank→pump→pulp screening machine→a pulp washing machine→a pulp pool→a copying machine→and a finished paper product.

In general, there are 3 steps, liquid ratio, cooking, and pulping. First, 1. Prepare materials, select annual coniferous wood branches, broad-leaved wood branches, and various wild shrub branches, and cut them into lengths of 30mm ~ 50mm by general-purpose grass cutting equipment After pre-soaking, put into steaming balls. Choose two-year-old and three-year-old coniferous wood branches and broad-leaved wood branches, cut them into lengths of 30mm~50mm by general-purpose grass cutting equipment, and then crush them through crushing equipment so that the thickness of the wood blocks reaches 3mm~10mm. ball. 2. Put steam into the steaming ball to raise the temperature. When the air pressure reaches 0.1MPa~0.15MPa, keep it warm for 25min~30min, and then exhaust the air to make the air pressure zero. Select the holding time according to different slurries. After the heat preservation is completed, exhaust and open the cover. 3. Boil the final pulp in the pulp pool under the ball, pump it into the pulping machine or water squeezer, press the pulper or water squeezer to make the pulp concentration reach about 30%, and then feed it into the high-concentration refiner , use a pump to send it into the Volt type pulper, beat for 30min ~ 240min, and beat for different times.

Usually making a4 paper needs bleached chemical wood pulp machine.Virgin wood pulp a4 paper is with good quality and most popular in the market.

Tissue paper could be virgin wood pulp,mixed pulp with recycled waste paper pulp.But in one word, 100% wood pulp tissue paper is with best good quality.A higher percentage of wood pulp in the paper means better quality paper.

YIDAFA has professional wood pulp technical team in China.We could supply the whole production line of chemical wood pulp ,bamboo pulp and rice straw pulp machine.At the same time, we have technolgoy for processing waste water and black liquid in paper making.

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Technical Specification

1. Application:

Used for making writing printing paper ,copy paper and a4 paper etc.

2. Gsm:


3. The Form of Machine

Fourdrinier wire and Multi-cylinder

4. Capacity:


5. Paper Width:


6. Design Speed:


7. Driving Speed


8. Dynamic Balance Speed:


9. Roller Balance:


10. Dryer Cylinder Balance:


11. Roller:


12. Driving Mode:

Ac motor · digital display partial frequency conversion speed regulation drive

13. Arrangement Mode

Left or Right hand

14. Track Gauge


15.Large Equipment No.1

Dryer Cylinder:Diameter 1500mm (20 sets)

16.Large Equipment No.2

Fourdrinier Section :10830mm length

a4 paper machine price

a4 paper mill

a4 paper mill price

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