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A wood pulp A4 paper machine is a production line used to create A4-sized paper from wood pulp. The machine follows a series of steps to transform wood fibers into high-quality paper products. Here's an overview of the wood pulp A4 paper machine's components and the process:

1. Wood preparation: The first step involves chopping and debarking logs into small chips. These chips are then dried and sent to the pulping process.  

2. Pulping: The wood chips are transformed into a pulp by passing them through a series of crushers and grinders. This process breaks down the wood fibers into a suspension of fibers in water, also known as wood pulp.  

3. Screening: The wood pulp is then screened to remove any remaining solid particles, such as bark or small wood chips. The screening process separates the pulp into different grades based on the mesh size of the screens.  

4. Pulp washing: The wood pulp is washed to remove any remaining impurities, such as fines or dirt. This step is crucial for ensuring a high-quality final product.  

5. Refining: The wood pulp is refined to further break down the fibers and create a uniform consistency. This process involves passing the pulp through a series of rollers and presses that apply pressure and moisture to the pulp, making it more suitable for paper production.  

6. Paper formation: The refined wood pulp is then sent to a forming section, where it is combined with water and formed into a paper sheet. This is typically done using a series of rollers that apply pressure to the pulp, forming it into a sheet and winding it onto a roll.  

7. Drying: The formed paper is dried to remove excess water using a dryer, which may include hot air or heat exchangers.  

8. Calendering: The dried paper is then sent through a series of rollers called calenders, which apply pressure to the paper, making it smooth and flat.  

9. Finishing: The finished paper is finished with various treatments, such as coating, surface treatment, or packaging, to enhance its quality and durability.  

10. Cutting and packaging: The finished A4 paper is cut to size and packaged for distribution and sale.

Wood pulp A4 paper machines are large, complex pieces of equipment that require regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure

 optimal performance. Proper care and maintenance help extend the machine's lifespan and produce high-quality A4 paper products.

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A4 paper is commonly produced on a machine called a Fourdrinier paper machine, which is a type of papermaking machine that uses wood pulp as the primary raw material. The process of making A4 paper using a Fourdrinier machine involves several steps:

1. Preparation of wood pulp: Wood pulp is obtained by grinding wood chips into a fine pulp using mechanical or chemical means. The pulp is then mixed with water to form a slurry.

2. Formation of paper web: The slurry is fed onto a moving wire mesh screen, called the Fourdrinier wire, which is suspended above a tank of water. As the wire moves forward, the water drains through the mesh, leaving behind a continuous sheet of paper fibers.

3. Pressing and drying: The wet paper web is then passed through a series of presses, which apply pressure and remove more water. Finally, the paper is dried using heated cylinders or can dryers.

4. Coating and finishing: To improve the smoothness and durability of the paper, it may be coated with a thin layer of clay or other materials. The paper may also be treated with chemicals to enhance its brightness and color stability.

5. Cutting and folding: Once the paper has been fully processed, it is cut to size and folded into booklets or pads, if necessary.

Overall, the production of A4 paper using a Fourdrinier machine is a complex and highly automated process that requires skilled operators and advanced machinery.

Technical Specification

1. Application:

Used for making writing printing paper ,copy paper and a4 paper etc.

2. Gsm:


3. The Form of Machine

Fourdrinier wire and Multi-cylinder

4. Capacity:


5. Paper Width:


6. Design Speed:


7. Driving Speed


8. Dynamic Balance Speed:


9. Roller Balance:


10. Dryer Cylinder Balance:


11. Roller:


12. Driving Mode:

Ac motor · digital display partial frequency conversion speed regulation drive

13. Arrangement Mode

Left or Right hand

14. Track Gauge


15.Large Equipment No.1

Dryer Cylinder:Diameter 1500mm (20 sets)

16.Large Equipment No.2

Fourdrinier Section :10830mm length

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