Bamboo Tissue Paper Machine

Bamboo tissue paper machine includes bamboo paper pulp machine for slurry preparation and parent tissue paper roll machine.This machine could make tissue paper roll from bamboo chips.


Raw material:bamboo chips.

Main part:bamboo pulp machine and parent tissue paper roll making machine.

Capacity:10 tons per day or more.

Finishe product:Parent tissue paper roll.(unbleached or bleached)




Bamboo tissue paper machine includes bamboo paper pulp machine for slurry preparation and parent tissue paper roll machine.This machine could make tissue paper roll from bamboo chips.


It is the equipment used in the process of bamboo chips into fibers. The pulping methods can be divided into chemical method, mechanical method, and chemical mechanical method, and the corresponding pulping equipment includes digesters, wood mills, thermal mills, pulp washing machines, bleaching machines, beating machines, and waste liquid recovery equipment.


For making tissue paper,it will need chemical bamboo pulping machine,including steam balls(digestor),pulp refiner machine,low-consistency slag cleaning machine,high-consistency slag cleaning machine etc.

Some customers need white tissue paper and then it will need bleaching equipment.The purpose of pulp bleaching machine is to remove residual lignin and pigments from the pulp after cooking, improve the whiteness of the pulp, and give the pulp a clean white color. Bleaching machine is a widely used bleaching equipment, which consists of components such as a spiral propeller of the bleaching pool and a washing drum. The slurry and bleach are placed in the pool and continuously added with washing water. With the help of a screw propeller, they circulate and flow in the pool, completing the process of mixing and chemical reactions. The water containing bleach products and residual bleach is discharged through the inner chamber of the washing drum, resulting in a clean white pulp.


It is a complete set of equipment that enables the formation of paper pulp into a web, including a headbox, a mesh section, a pressing section, a drying section, a calender, a paper rolling machine, a transmission section, and auxiliary systems such as steam, water, vacuum, lubrication, and heat recovery. The web part that forms the wet web is the core of a paper machine, so paper machines can be divided into fourdriner paper machines, normal cylinder type tissue paper machine, and crescent former type tissue paper machine according to the structure of the web part.

100% chemical pulp machine from bamboo.

                                                                                                                                                      PARENT TISSUE PAPER ROLL MACHINE
No.ModelTypeOutput capacity
11880normal cyclinder5 tons per day or 10 tons per day.
22850normal cyclinder

7~8 tons per day.

32850crescent-former20 tons per day or more.


Bamboo pulp is a type of paper pulp. It is made from bamboo, nanzhu, cizhu and other bamboo materials, and is usually prepared by the sulfate method and the caustic soda method. There are also de-greening of tender bamboos and pickling with lime to make semi-clinker. Fiber morphology and length, intermediate between wood and grass fibers. Easy to sizing, bamboo tissue paper machine could make medium fiber length pulp, fine and soft. Pulp tensile bulk, high tear, low burst strength and tensile strength. have high mechanical strength.

Bamboo pulp paper has obvious advantages in becoming a new trend in household paper:

2.1.Health: Bamboo fiber has natural antibacterial, antibacterial, and bactericidal effects because there is a unique substance inside bamboo, which is called "Zhukun".

2.2.Comfort: The fibers of bamboo fibers are relatively fine. When observed under a 2000x electron microscope, the transverse section of bamboo fibers is composed of multiple elliptical gaps, forming a hollow state. The breathability is 3.5 times that of cotton, and it is known as the "breathing fiber queen".

2.3.Environmental friendliness: Bamboo is a regenerated plant with strong reproductive ability, short growth cycle, and excellent material quality. Its industrial and commercial value is increasingly recognized and accepted by people.

2.4.Scarcity: for China, bamboo forest resources are abundant, accounting for 24% of the world, so there is a saying that world bamboo is in Asia and Asian bamboo is in China. China and India account for 50% of the global bamboo resources, making them a scarce resource for other countries. Therefore, the value of bamboo resources has enormous economic value for regions with developed bamboo resources in China.

Bamboo pulp tissue paper is produced using natural bamboo as the raw material, without adding harmful chemical additives. Tissue paper made from bamboo tissue paper machine is more tough and not easily broken, and is flexible and does not shed chips. Bamboo is responsible enough to replace wood with bamboo, reduce tree resource logging, use 6 boxes of bamboo pulp paper, and save one tree! 

In total,bamboo pulp tissue paper will be more popular.So to choose a better bamboo tissue paper machine is very important.YIDAFA has rich experience in bamboo pulp tissue paper machine industry.


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