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Parent Toilet tissue paper roll making machine from waste recycling paper.


Toilet tissue paper roll making machine from waste recycling paper.


This machine could make parent tissue paper roll from waste recycling paper.

It is suitable for small investments.

Tissue Paper Recycling Machine means that this machine could make tissue paper rolls from recycling waste paper.

Paper making machine technical specification:

1. Main Product:

Toilet paper, napkin paper and drawing and so on

2. Grammage:


3. Equipment form

The inversion of slurry

4. Capacity:

5T/24h*2 sets

5. Raw paper width:


6. Design speed:


7. Transmission speed


8. Dynamic balancing speed:


9. Roller balance:

G2.5 class

10. Dryer balance:

C4 class

11. Winding paper roll:

C1.6 class

12. Transmission mode:

Ac motor frequency control of motor speed digital distribution transmission

13. Arrangement mode:

Right or left arrangement(selected by the user)

14. Gauge:


15.Large equipment 1

Dryer cylinder2500mm×1 set

16.Large equipment 2

Cylinder mould1500 mm×1set

The raw materials of paper towels can be divided into: wood pulp, sugarcane pulp, and recycled pulp etc. Due to different sources, Virgin pulp refers to pulp made from wood chips, straw, etc., after cooking. 

Virgin  pulp is pure raw fiber, and recycled pulp refers to pulp made from recycled waste cardboard, newspapers, books, etc. 

In order to achieve a number of indicators equivalent to virgin paper, recycled paper towels will add many chemicals. 

The characteristics of household paper: raw wood pulp is used as raw material, 

after the process and 450 degree ultra-high temperature treatment, the paper is soft and smooth, 

it is a softer household paper material; it has certain water absorption; and relatively low price.


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