Kraft Paper Making Machine

Kraft testliner and fluting paper making machine could make cardboard from waste carton and virgin pulp sheet.The finished product includes kraft test liner paper and corrugated paper rolls,which are used for making carton box.


kraft paper making machine is widely used in big scale paper mill factory.According to different technicals,there are normal-cylinder kraft paper making machine and fourdrinier model kraft paper making machine.

Normal-cylinder kraft paper machine is usually used in small -scale paper plant and fourdrinier kraft paper making machine is usually used in big scale paper making mill.


Kraft Paper Making Machine

Kraft paper making machine is a machine that makes paper from pulp water suspension that meets the requirements of paper making through the processes of filter screen dehydration, mechanical extrusion dehydration and drying. The raw materials used are: waste paper boxes, wood pulp wrenches, etc. It can produce kraft paper, shopping bag paper, food packaging paper, fruit packaging paper, etc. With reliable quality, stable performance, convenient operation, energy conservation and environmental protection, it is an ideal product in paper making machinery.

kraft paper making machine

kraft paper making machine

Kraft paper machine (2)

kraft paper manufacturing machine

kraft paper making machine

kraft paper production machine

kraft paper making machine

kraft paper making machine

Waste carton pulping system is a process in which raw materials such as waste paper boxes, waste paper edges, and wood pulp boards are crushed, screened, ground, etc. to make fiber water suspensions that meet the requirements of paper making, and then sent to the paper machine through the flow system to make them meet the requirements of users.

Machine details

1. Main products:

Kraft paper cardboard and fluting paper rolls.

2. Quantitative:


3. Equipment form

Multi-net and multi-cylinder

4. Output capacity:


5. Net paper width:


6. Design speed:


7. Driving speed:


8. Roll balance:


9. Dryer balance:


10. Paper roll:


11. Transmission mode:

AC motor · digital display subsection frequency conversion speed regulation drive

12. Arrangement:

Left and right mobile phones (selected by users)

13. Gauge:


14. Large piece name 1

Dryer:Ø1500mm×22 sets.

15. Large piece name 2

Overlapping net: 18000mm for offline net and 6500mm for online net.


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