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Waste Paper Recycling Machines To Make Tissue-
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Waste Paper Recycling Machines To Make Tissue

tissue paper machine from recycled waste paper pulp

Waste paper recycling production line machine for making toilet tissue.


How to Make Recycled Toilet Paper

Toilet paper made from recycled paper is a cheaper and less-white paper, but has many benefits.

If every American household replaced just one toilet paper roll of virgin-fiber a year with a roll made from 100% recycled paper, approximately 425,000 trees would be saved annually.

The first step in the process of making toiler paper from recycled paper is creating paper pulp, which is generated from recycled materials.

waste paper recycling machine

waste paper recycling machine to make tissue

Toilet paper made from recycled paper contains colored and white stock with staples. Other materials needed are water, chemicals and bleaches. How much water is mixed with other materials in depends on the particular product being made.

How toilet paper is made from recycled materials?


  1. Recycled paper needs to be washed with water to create a pulp. The recyclable paper products are dumped into a large bin with warm water.

  2. Air bubbles are injecting into the water to remove ink or any color.

  3. The pulp goes through a bleaching process to make it whiter (it is whitened and sanitized with oxygen-based products like peroxide).

  4. When the pulp is bleached it enters the paper forming section.

  5. Water is removed by pressing the wet paper between rolls and felts.

  6. The moisture content is reduced to the desired level and the pulp is laid on a large, flat surface to dry.

  7. The paper is stamped with the little embossing for the strength (the embossing could be found on some toilet paper rolls).

  8. The giant, thin sheet of paper is fed onto a roller.

  9. Next is creating a roll of two-ply paper. Two of the large rolls of paper transfer the paper into another roller with long cardboard tube.

  10. The paper is cut and glued by a mechanical arm to prevent unraveling.

  11. The long rolls of two-ply paper then are cut by a circular saw.

  12. Toilet paper for individual sales is individually wrapped in paper, while others are stacked and wrapped in clear plastic (from 4 to 30 rolls).


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