Toilet Tissue Paper Making Machine-Wood Pulp Making Machine
Toilet Tissue Paper Making Machine-toilet paper making machine (26)
Toilet Tissue Paper Making Machine-toilet paper making machine (28)

Toilet Tissue Paper Making Machine

This toilet tissue paper making machine could make jumbo tissue paper roll from waste paper or wood ,sugarcane bagasse, rice straw ,bamboo etc.The finished product is jumbo tissue paper roll,which coud be used for making toilet paper ,facial tissue,napkin tissue and kitchen towel.


This is jumbo roll toilet tissue paper making machine,used in small or big scale tissue paper making plant.The raw material could be waste recycle paper,wood tree,bamboo,sugarcane bagasse,rice straw or wheat straw etc.Different model machine will have different price.


                                                                         YIDAFA Toilet Tissue Paper Making Machinery

Toilet paper refers to a kind of extremely thin and soft paper, which is provided for people to clean up after going to the toilet. Its shape is a single square, or rolled into a drum shape. Toilet paper is usually made from wood pulp, which is similar to the manufacturing process of ordinary paper, but it is extremely thin and fragile. The fragility makes the toilet paper rot when exposed to water, so as not to cause blockage in the toilet. Its manufacturing purpose is quite different from facial tissue, which has a very similar appearance. If facial tissue is mistaken for toilet paper, it can easily lead to clogged toilets. Toilet paper is generally white, but other colors are also available.Toilet tissue paper making machine could make this kind of paper.

The English name is tissue paper (can be referred to as tissue) in Chinese pinyin (wèi shēng zhǐ), and the toilet paper placed in the bathroom is called toilet paper, which is mainly used for daily hygiene in people’s lives. One of the indispensable paper types in life. Its shape has a single square, which is called square tissue or facial tissue, and it is also rolled into a roller shape, which is called roll paper. They are usually made of cotton pulp, wood pulp, straw pulp, sugarcane bagasse pulp, mixed pulp, and waste paper pulp. Good quality toilet paper is made of virgin wood pulp. It is similar to the manufacturing process of ordinary paper, but it is required to be made into extremely thin Extremely fragile, the purpose of this is that it will rot when it encounters water, so as to achieve the purpose of environmental protection.

If the tissue paper is made from waste paper, the machine should be waste paper recycling machine to make toilet tissue paper.

If the tissue paper is made from wood pulp ,rice straw pulp,bamboo pulp,and other natural plants, the machine should be chemical pulp machine for making toilet tissue paper.

According to the working speed of the machine,toilet paper making machinery could be divided into (low speed)normal cyclinder toilet paper making machine and (high speed)crescent toilet paper making machine.

1.(Low speed) normal cyclinder toilet paper making machine

Cylinder machine (vat machine), a paper machine with a cylinder as a former. According to the different configurations of formers and drying cylinders, various types of paper machines can be formed, such as single cylinder wire single cylinder paper machine, double wire double cylinder paper machine, multi wire multi cylinder board machine, etc.

Generally, it is composed of one press, one roller press and 1 to 2 drying cylinders with larger diameters. Generally, cultural paper or wrapping paper is copied. The cylinder paper machine has a simple structure and low cost, and is mostly used by small and medium-sized paper mills. The new movable curved plate former (with pressure feeding) rotary paper machine can be adapted to produce corrugated base paper, liner board, toilet paper and medium and low-grade cultural paper. It can make 90-130g/m^2 different low-weight papers, and its speed can reach 220-250m/min, which can increase the output by nearly 2 times compared with the old-fashioned movable curved plate mesh slot paper machine.

toilet paper making machine

2.(High speed)crescent toilet paper making machine.


toilet paper making machine

toilet paper making machine


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