The Development Prospect Of Industrial Paper Tube

Mar 15th, 2023

The Development Prospect Of Industrial Paper Tube

According to statistics, most of the world's paper tubes are produced in the southeastern United States. The Gulf of Mexico is an ideal production base for paper tubes. The Gulf of Mexico wetland pine forest and lake field pine forest are dense, belonging to the subtropical humid monsoon climate, affected by high temperature and high humidity climate. The fibers of these southern pine trees are long and thick, making them a good material for paper tubes.

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Although domestic paper tube production capacity has indeed continued to expand slowly, which has stimulated market demand, and my country's paper industry has developed for more than a year, and consumption has grown rapidly, mainly due to insufficient wood raw materials. Forest resources are mainly distributed in the state-owned forest areas in the northeast and southwest.


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In recent years, foreign multinational giants have rushed to make paper in the Chinese market. In order to meet the construction of large-scale domestic pulp mills, in addition to investment, it not only brings advanced technology and technical requirements for managing the production of paper tube factories, the domestic market may be an opportunity to cultivate the production technology of many small and medium-sized paper tube manufacturers.

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Because we can see the production of industrial paper tubes of different products, there will be many production mistakes and process changes in the manufacturing process there, but the humanized operation of paper tubes can be carried out, which not only saves and reduces the cost for manufacturers The increase of time also reduces the productivity of the paper tube.

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YIDAFA paper tube making machine uses the advanced numerical control system and servo motor.With more stable and accuracy.Automatic recycling glue pump that can reduce the consume of glue.Since the founding of our company,YIDAFA paper tube making machine has been widely sold around the world.


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