Small Scale Tissue Paper Making Machine

Tissue paper making machine could make parent tissue paper rolls from waste paper or virgin wood pulp,bamboo pulp, rice straw pulp ,sugarcane bagasse pulp etc.


Small Scale Tissue Paper Making Machine|YIDAFA PAPER MACHINERY

1.What is paper making machinery? Paper making machinery includes the preparation of raw materials, pulping, papermaking, and the production of finished products in rolls or sheets, as well as the processing of paper and paperboard.Tissue paper making machine is used in tissue paper making mill.It includes paper pulping machine and parent tissue paper roll making machine.   

small scale tissue paper making machine

2.The main characteristics of a paper machine are: a machine that produces paper by dewatering and forming pulp water suspensions that meet the requirements of paper making through filters, mechanical extrusion dehydration, and drying processes. The paper machine consists of three main parts: forming, pressing, and drying, which complete the above process. It is equipped with necessary finishing, coiling, and transmission devices, as well as auxiliary systems such as pulp supply, slurry and white water circulation, vacuum, ventilation and exhaust, paper damage treatment and lubrication, and automatic control. The specifications of a paper machine are often expressed by the width of the finished paper (referred to as the width of the paper), the width of the copper mesh, and the preferred working speed. The width of modern large paper machines can reach 11m, the speed of the working car can reach over 1000m/min, the daily paper production can reach hundreds of tons, and the weight of the entire machine can reach over a thousand tons, reaching over a hundred meters. Small paper machines are commonly used in the production of general developing countries and some specialty papers, with a width of 1-3m and a working speed of tens of meters to 200 meters per minute.

3.The development history of modern paper making machine: After the 1950s, there were many developments and innovations in paper making machine. In terms of material preparation and pulping equipment, there have been vertical continuous digesters, displacement scrubbers, thermal mills, new pressure screens, and slag eliminators; In the field of paper machines, new types of headboxes, mesh clamps, composite presses, and polyester forming nets have emerged.

4.After the 1960s, the controllable silicon speed control system of DC motors began to be widely used in paper making machines. Electronic technology was used to detect, control, and record parameters of the papermaking process, such as machine speed, material concentration, temperature, flow rate, dryness, quantity, thickness, tightness, and strength of the paper web. In the 1980s, large vertical continuous digesters could produce 1350 tons of pulp per day; The door width of the paper machine can reach 10 meters, the speed is above 1000 meters/minute, and the daily production exceeds 500 tons.

5.According to the process flow of pulp and paper making, paper making machine can be divided into three categories: material preparation and pulp making equipment, paper making machines, and finishing and processing machinery.

6.Pulping equipment.It is the equipment used in the process of separating plant raw materials into fibers. Pulping methods can be divided into chemical method, mechanical method and chemical mechanical method. The corresponding pulping equipment includes digester, wood grinder, heat refiner, pulp washer, pulp bleaching machine, beater and waste liquid recovery equipment, etc.

Usually there are waste paper recycling pulping machine and virgin fiber chemical paper pulping machine from wood,bamboo,banana stem,sugarcane bagasse,rice straw etc.

7.Paper machine.It is a complete set of equipment for linking the divisions of pulp into paper web, including headbox, wire section, press section, drying section, calender, reel, and transmission section and other hosts and steam, water, vacuum, lubrication , heat recovery and other auxiliary systems. The wire part that forms the wet paper web is the core of the paper machine, so the paper machine can be divided into Fourdrinier paper machine, sandwich paper machine and cylinder paper machine according to the structure of the wire part.There are small scale tissue paper making machine and big scale tissue paper making machine based on different capacity of tissue paper making machine in 24 hours.

8.In tissue paper making mill plant,when the output capacity is less than 20 tons per day,it could use cylinder paper machine.Its price is cheap and easy to operate and maintain.When the output capacity is more than 20 tons per day, it could crescent-former tissue paper machine.Its price is expensive.Of course ,the quality of paper would be better.

YIDAFA is one professional paper pulping equipment and paper making machinery manufacturer from CHINA.There are professional technical team with rich experience for designing and operating paper machine.Small Scale toilet tissue paper making machine is suitable for small home business.Its capacity is usually less than 10 tons per day.


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