Pulp Plate Making Machine

Pulp plate making machine could make paper plates from sugarcane bagasse paper pulp or rice straw paper pulp fiber.It includes bagasse pulp machine and paper plate making machine




Bagasse pulp is a good raw material for pulp molding products. Bagasse fiber is mostly used in the production of pulp molded lunch box and tableware products. Bagasse pulp is made from sugarcane bagasse through chemical or biological pulping. Bagasse fiber is a medium-long fiber with the advantages of moderate strength and moderate toughness. It is currently the most suitable raw material for pulp molded products. Therefore, bagasse pulp products are currently the most widely applicable. At present, sugarcane bagasse fiber is mostly used in lunch box and tableware products, and some high-end mobile phone holders and cosmetic packaging also use this raw material. Bagasse pulp is produced all over the world, including Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Americas such as Colombia, Mexico, and Brazil, the Middle East such as Iran, and Guangxi and Yunnan in China. Sugar cane is grown in large quantities in these areas, and there are many cane sugar factories. Sugar cane is the raw material of cane sugar factories, and bagasse is originally a waste product of cane sugar factories. However, many cane sugar factories have established bagasse pulp mills. Bagasse is used to make pulp and supply it to paper mills and pulp molding. factory. With the development of pulp molding technology and market, the industrial chain of many bagasse pulp mills has begun to extend to pulp molded products.

Bamboo pulp is a good raw material for pulp molding (plant fiber molding) products. Bamboo fiber is a medium-long fiber with properties between coniferous wood and hardwood. It mainly produces high-quality work bag products, with a small amount added to tableware products.

The products produced using bamboo pulp have strong toughness, are not prone to cracks when producing deep products, and have a smooth and delicate surface with high whiteness. However, after friction on the surface of the product, plush-like fuzz fibers tend to appear. When using bamboo pulp, it should be refined to eliminate the appearance of fluffy fibers on the surface of the product. Bamboo pulp is mostly used to make high-end mobile phone packaging inserts, cosmetic packaging, and tableware. It is a good raw material for pulp molding. The production of products with complex shapes, small slopes and small R-angles generally requires the addition of a certain proportion of bamboo pulp. Since bamboo pulp resources are relatively precious and the price is slightly higher than bagasse pulp, it is currently mostly used in a certain proportion with bagasse fiber to increase performance and reduce costs. There are bamboo pulp production plants in northern China, Sichuan, and Jiangxi.

Wheat straw pulp is divided into mechanical fiber wheat straw pulp, chemical mechanical wheat straw pulp and chemical wheat straw pulp. It mainly produces tableware products.

Wheat straw pulp has short fibers. The surface of wheat straw pulp molded products is smooth and delicate, with good stiffness. The products are brittle and have poor flexibility. Most pulp molded tableware products can use 100% wheat straw pulp as raw material. Natural wheat straw pulp products have a smooth and beautiful appearance. However, for wheat straw pulp products with complex shapes and deep depths, long fiber pulp needs to be added during the production process to increase the toughness of the products. Wheat straw pulp is mostly primary color pulp.

As a professional paper pulp equipments manufacturer from China,YIDAFA has unique technology for making chemical mechanical pulp and chemical paper pulp.With the controlling policy for wood, bagasse pulp or bamboo pulp or wheat straw pulp have promising future.



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