Paper Product Making Machinery For Making Toilet Tissue Paper Rolls

This machine could make parent toilet tissue paper rolls from recycling waste paper ,wood chips,banana stem,rice straw ,wheat straw etc


Bamboo can be made into suitable pulp and then tissue paper if it undergoes a process of chopping, washing and wet dehulling before digestion. The fibers are then chemically digested, preferably by a method of opening the fibers using a rapid pressure drop using the energy contained in the moist superheated fibers.


1.Bamboo Pulp Manufacturing

Bamboo pulp is a kind of paper pulp. It is made from moso bamboo, moso bamboo, moso bamboo, etc. by sulfate digestion method and soda method. There are also tender bamboo greens, and limes pickled into semi-clinker. Fiber form and length, intermediate between wood and grass fibers. Easy to sizing, bamboo pulp is medium fiber length pulp, fine and soft. 

The pulp is loose in thickness, high in tearing, and low in breaking strength and tensile strength. High mechanical strength. Bamboo pulp paper, offset paper, typing paper and other advanced cultural paper, primary color paper for wrapping paper, etc.

toilet paper manufacturing machine

raw material

Bamboo pulp paper is produced by using bamboo pulp alone or wood pulp and straw pulp in a reasonable proportion through pulping, rinsing and other papermaking processes.

Slicing: Choose mature bamboo and use a bamboo cutting machine to make bamboo slices.

Cooking: Put the cleaned bamboo slices into a 150-degree pulper.

Screening: The cooked pulp is pumped to a pressure knockout machine and a pressure screen for screening.

Slag removal section: the cleaned mud is pumped to the slag removal system for slag removal.

Extraction washing: Use washing equipment such as vacuum drum washing machine to wash the slurry.

Beating: The raw bamboo pulp is washed and purified and sent to the beating equipment for beating, and then sent to the pulp storage tower for use


Bamboo is the best raw material besides wood, suitable for making medium and high-grade paper. According to expert analysis, the fiber shape and content of bamboo is very similar to that of softwood, which is the most suitable for papermaking. It has high fiber content, slender, strong and plastic fibers, and the fiber length is between broad-leaf wood and softwood. good raw materials. With the development of science and technology and the paper industry, new technologies such as continuous cooking and chlorine-free bleaching have matured, which can effectively solve the technical problems such as poor whiteness and fiber degree of bamboo pulp in the original pulping process. At the same time, pollutant discharge can also meet the national control standards. Bamboo pulp can be used alone or in a reasonable ratio with wood pulp and straw pulp to produce high-quality and cheap cultural paper, tissue paper and wrapping paper. In India, where bamboo pulp is the best, the paper industry is developing rapidly, with an annual output of more than 600,000 tons of bamboo pulp, and the largest producer has a daily output of 300 tons of pulp.


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