How is the paper machine composed?

Feb 1st, 2023

How is the paper machine composed?

Paper machines are paper-making equipment and belong to the category of equipment accessories . A paper machine is a machine that makes paper from pulp that meets the requirements of papermaking after beating and conditioning. So, how it is composed, let me introduce it to you.

paper machine

Generally, according to this definition, the paper machine should start from the stock inlet manifold of the headbox or the stock inlet system that must be equipped with it, and end at the reel where the paper roll is rolled out, that is, the main body of the paper machine is divided into The wet section that is made of pulp into wet paper and the dry section that dries the wet paper and rolls it. The former includes three parts: the flow section, the forming section, and the press section; the latter includes the drying section, calendering section, and roll paper. Department of three parts. In addition, there are mechanical transmission parts, vacuum systems, air pressure and hydraulic systems, lubrication systems, paper threading systems, steam systems, hot air systems, steam hoods and exhaust systems, etc., which are indispensable for the operation of these main parts, which also belong to the paper machine. body part.

In addition, the white water pool, broken paper pool and hydropulper needed to deal with the white water, wet paper edge, wet broken paper, dry broken paper, etc. inevitably produced by the paper machine can be regarded as a single independent equipment, or can be Considered as ancillary equipment of paper machines, but mostly as independent equipment. Many paper machines are also equipped with sizing presses, in-machine coating, creping devices, slitting machines and other equipment due to technological requirements. For complete paper machines designed according to specific requirements, these are used as internal configurations. From the perspective of equipment, it should be regarded as the main part of the paper machine.

The electrical drive system, process parameter detection system, automatic control system, etc. of all parts of the paper machine should also be regarded as the main part of the paper machine.



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