Fully Automatic Toilet Paper Making Machine Price

How much is the price of fully automatic toilet paper making machine?Why should choose fully automatic toilet paper making machine?As a professional manufacturer,YIDAFA could supply fully automatic toilet paper machine with good price and good quality.




Do you have an interest in toilet paper making business? Do you have any idea about how to make toilet paper?How much is the price of fully automatic toilet paper making machine?

As a professional toilet paper making machine manufacturer in China,YIDAFA will show you how to make toilet paper business.

First of all, you need to get parent toilet tissue paper rolls,which could be made from recycling waste paper,bleached wood pulp board or wood log or sugarcane bagasse or bamboo etc.Parent toilet tissue paper rolls could be processed into bathroom toilet paper,napkin tissue paper,facial tissue,kitchen towel etc.YIDAFA Toilet tissue paper mill machine could help you manufacture good parent tissue paper roll from recycling waste paper,bleached wood pulp board or bamboo or wood chips .High speed fully automatic toilet paper making machine is always at the high price.The YIDAFA fully automatic toilet paper papermaking machine adopts an internationally advanced crescent structure, and its main parts include a headbox, forming mesh section, pressing section, drying section, paper rolling machine, and transmission section.


The crescent type high-speed toilet paper machine mainly includes: hydraulic headbox, formator, vacuum pressure roller, Yankee drying cylinder, high-speed hot air hood, and paper rolling machine.


  • Adopting a hydraulic headbox, precision designed turbulence generator and mixing chamber can ensure better fiber direction and fiber formation, thereby improving the quality of toilet paper;

  • The forming machine is equipped with a specially designed water collection tray, which can minimize the entry of air into the white water to the greatest extent;

  • The mesh part adopts a fully cantilever mesh changing and blanket, which is easy to operate, time-saving, and improves efficiency;

  • The breast roller adopts electric control, which can adjust the optimal landing point at any time during equipment operation;

  • According to the different raw materials, different sizes of press rollers are used to ensure the dryness of the paper and achieve the best loose thickness;

  • From the wrinkling scraper to the paper rolling machine, it is designed with a perfect paper feeding system, while also maintaining stable operation of the paper web;

  • The paper rolling machine is equipped with a paper axis storage library, which can automatically change the paper axis. At the same time, it can curl according to the required paper roller tightness;


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