Automatic Paper Cutting Machine

Automatic paper cutting machine is a device used to cut paper automatically and efficiently.


Automatic Paper Cutting Machine,also named High Speed A3 A4 White Paper Cutting Packaging Machinery.This machine could make a4 size sheet from big copy paper rolls.Including automatic cutting unit and packing machine function.




Automatic paper cutting machine is a device used to cut paper automatically and efficiently. It is often used in various industries, such as printing, packaging, and stationery, to process large amounts of paper quickly and accurately.

These machines come in various sizes and models, depending on the specific needs of the industry. They can be designed to cut paper into specific shapes, such as straight lines, curves, or intricate patterns, and can also be programmed to perform multiple cuts in a single operation.

Automatic paper cutting machines typically use a sharp blade or a series of blades to make the cuts, and they are often equipped with sensors and other technology to ensure that the cuts are precise and consistent. They can also be integrated with other machinery, such as conveyor belts or printing presses, to streamline the paper processing process.

Overall, the use of automatic paper cutting machines has revolutionized the way paper is processed and cut, making it faster, more accurate, and more efficient than ever before.

A4 paper is defined by ISO 216 of the International Organization for Standardization, and its specification is 21cm×29.7cm (210mm×297mm). The paper size used by most countries in the world adopts this international standard. This standard was originally incorporated into DIN by the Weimar Republic in 1922 (number DIN 476).YiDaFa automatic a4 paper cutting machine is with good quality and cheap price.In order to promote the working speed of the machine,full automatic a4 paper cutting machine is popular in the world.YiDaFa A4 size copier paper making machine is full automatic a4 or a3 paper cutting and packaging machine from paper roll to a4 sheet.It is widely used a4 paper manufacturing plant.including cutting function and packing unit.

a4 paper

China Suppliers Automatic A4 Paper Cutting And Packing Machine


Performance and Characteristics:

-Adopts pneumatic automatic materials loading system with much easy operation and convenience

-Adopts down-up recurrent cutting with orderly finished products and without water caltrop;meantime,it can be used for horizontal cutting and vertical cutting at one time

-It adopts servo motor for controlling constant-length cutting

-It adopts PLC control, contact screen operation

-It adopts pneumatic, displacement sensor for controlling transmission system, with photoelectric, gas together, it has the function of easy operation, high precision, good stability, low noise.

-This machine has the function of the frequency converter timing device, automatic counting, stop working by alarm ,magnetic powder tension control, can be vertically, adopt blower fan to get rid of waste

-It has the functions of high-precision of cutting, high speed,etc . pneumatic structure combined with computer control be adopted for transmission section ,making it become much more steady operation

-It has the function of automatic stacking which is in order . Photoelectric auto tracing subtense system


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