A4 Paper Manufacturer Machinery

A4 paper manufacturer machinery refers to the equipment and tools used in the production of A4-sized paper, which is a popular size for printers, photocopiers, and other office equipment.


A4 Paper Roll to A4 Sheet Manufacturing Machine,also named High Speed A3 A4 White Paper Cutting Packaging Machinery.This machine could make a4 size sheet from big copy paper rolls.Including automatic cutting unit and packing machine function.




A4 paper manufacturer machinery refers to the equipment and tools used in the production of A4-sized paper, which is a popular size for printers, photocopiers, and other office equipment. The machinery required for producing A4 paper typically includes:

1. Pulp making equipment: The raw material for A4 paper is wood pulp, which is produced by machines that chop and process wood into a fibrous mixture.  

2. Paper making machine: The pulp is conveyed to a paper-making machine, where it is formed into a sheet and passed through a series of rollers to remove excess water.  

3. Dryer: The wet paper sheet is dried in a large dryer, which uses hot air to remove additional water until the paper reaches a desired level of dryness.  

4. Cutter: After drying, the paper is cut into A4-sized sheets using a guillotine or other cutting machinery.  

5. Packaging equipment: The finished A4 paper is then packed into boxes or other containers for shipping and distribution.


An A4 paper cutting and packaging machine is a device that automatically cuts and packages A4-sized paper into bundles or individual sheets, ready for distribution or sale. These machines are commonly used in paper mills, printing companies, and office supply stores to process and package large quantities of A4 paper efficiently.

Key features of A4 paper cutting and packaging machines include:

1. Paper feeding mechanism: The machine is designed to accept a large roll of paper, typically 76 cm (30 inches) or wider, and automatically feed it through the cutting system.  

2. Cutting mechanism: The machine uses a precision cutting blade or guillotine to cut the paper into A4-sized sheets (21 cm x 29.7 cm or 8.27 inches x 11.69 inches). Some machines are capable of cutting paper into different sizes, including letter, legal, and other standard paper sizes.  

3. Bundle forming and packaging: The cut paper is typically gathered and bundled automatically, with the bundles held together by tape or a wire twist. The machine may also include a conveyor system to transport the bundles to a packaging station.  

4. Automation: Many A4 paper cutting and packaging machines are designed to operate automatically, with minimal human intervention required. This reduces labor costs and increases production efficiency.

A4 paper cutting and packaging machines are available in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different production requirements. Some machines are more basic, designed for low-volume, manual operation, while others are more advanced, with features such as automated loading, conveyor systems, and electronic control panels for greater production flexibility and efficiency.

YIDAFA A4 paper cutting and packaging machine is a reliable brand.Our machines are widely used in paper mills, printing and packaging industries, and office supply stores, helping to streamline the production and distribution of A4 paper.

China Suppliers Automatic A4 Paper Cutting And Packing Machine

Performance and Characteristics:

  • Adopts pneumatic automatic materials loading system with much easy operation and convenience

  • Adopts down-up recurrent cutting with orderly finished products and without water caltrop;meantime,it can be used for horizontal cutting and vertical cutting at one time

  • It adopts servo motor for controlling constant-length cutting

  • It adopts PLC control, contact screen operation

  • It adopts pneumatic, displacement sensor for controlling transmission system, with photoelectric, gas together, it has the function of easy operation, high precision, good stability, low noise.

  • This machine has the function of the frequency converter timing device, automatic counting, stop working by alarm ,magnetic powder tension control, can be vertically, adopt blower fan to get rid of waste

  • It has the functions of high-precision of cutting, high speed,etc . pneumatic structure combined with computer control be adopted for transmission section ,making it become much more steady operation

  • It has the function of automatic stacking which is in order . Photoelectric auto tracing subtense system

China Suppliers Automatic A4 Paper Cutting And Packing Machine

Product nameOne roll,Two rolls,Four rolls or Five rolls. Full Automatic A4 paper cutting and packaging machine
Maxi width of paper rolls1100mm
Cutting length100~500mm
Cutting Speed
1.5 reams per minute,3 reams per minute,6 reams per minute, 7.5 reams per minute.
Paper Grade

High-grade copy paper; High-grade office paper, High grade Free Wood paper etc.

Paper Weight Range


Machine Speed


Cutting Accuracy


Cutting Condition

No variation of the speed, no break, cut all the paper at one time and need the eligible paper

Cutting specifications

210*297mm or a3 ,a5 size etc.


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